Sunday, May 1, 2011

Display "IMAGE" only Blogger Adsense Ads

This Blogger Tutorial explains how to add Adsense Ads to your blog that display only image ads all the time.

Log into AdSense   ( with your google account.

Go into the AdSense Setup tab.

Choose AdSense for Content

Work through the items in the wizard to configure your ad.   Beside Ad Unit, there's a drop-down box that lets you choose Text-and-image, text-only, or image-only.

At then end of the wizard, you'll be shown some HTML code.    Copy and paste that code.

Go back to Blogger.   Choose Design > Page Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML-Javascript      and paste the copied code into the Contents field.

Save the new gadget, and drag-and-drop it to wherever you want.

Note:  you cannot (easily) put this into the ads that are shown at the bottom of individual posts (via Design > Page Layout > Blog Posts/edit ).   But you can put a gadget at the bottom of all the blog-posts that are shown on a screen.


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