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DescriptionMiPony is a free download manager specially designed to automate the downloading of files of free host sites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfiles and many others..


-Continuous download.

Once the link has been added to the download list, the files will be downloaded while you navigate and if you close the download program, the downloads will be restarted when you start the program again.
-Download attempts.
If by any chance the file shows an error during the download, Mipony will be in charge of performing the necessary attempts automatically until the file is downloaded.
It has an embedded browser from where the download links are detected.
- Plug-in in a bar format to launch downloads from Firefox and Explorer directly to Mipony or to open the site that is being viewed in the browser of Mipony.
- Remote control. Mipony has a web interface to control it remotely. With the web interface you can view the downloads and manipulate them, and also you can enter the captcha codes remotely. The web interface design is adapted for both desktops and mobile clients.

User Notes: 
A simple explanation of how to use the download manager.
  1. Load any webpage with a link to a file being hosted on any of the sites in the Supported Webs picture above.
  2. Make sure you have the MiPony program loaded and minimized.
  3. If the link is displayed directly highlight it entirely and use (Ctrl + C) or right click and select the copy command. If the link is a "Click Here" link, right click the link and select the option to copy link address.
  4. Using either way of copying the address while having the MiPony program running and minimized in your taskbar, will cause the programs button on the taskbar to start blinking. This is a sign that MiPony successfully imported the link from windows clipboard to the program interface.
  5. Greatest aspect of MiPony is the program will display whether or not the file is still available from the server (whether or not it has been deleted) with a 
     Meaning File is Available for Download
    Meaning File is Unavailable and Deleted from Server
     6. Finally all that is left is to right click the file, if it's available and "download". A new screen  tab on MiPony will open showing progress of download. You may see a box to agree to "Terms and Condition" of download pop up and in some instances enter a Captcha image.

Program Home:

One file download
Total Size: 4.16 MB
File Type: (.EXE)

Click to download: Download Link


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