Sunday, May 1, 2011

Open Webpage Links in New Tab or New Window

This HTML Tutorial explains how to open a link on your webpage in a new tab or window to help users stay connected to your site while browsing your external content links.

For Text Links. . .

<a href="YOURurl" target="_blank">YOURtext</a>

For Image Links. . .

<a href="YOURurl" target="_blank" title="YOURtitle"><img src="YOURimageURL" border="0" width="80" height="80" alt="YOURdescription"></a>

Note 1If your image becomes distorted, remember the width and height of the picture are set above in the code. Just delete this section
width="80" height="80" of the code to have your original image size display correctly.

Note 2: Don't forget to change all underlined data with you own, from your blog.

Tutorial Overview:
We used target="_blank" to open the link in new page.
We can also use target="new" instead of target="_blank". They both have the same outcome.


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